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Monday, August 19, 2019

Growing Vegetable Organically



Garden location
     The garden should have a southern exposure (south side of your home) or be in an open field your home) or be in an open field if at all possible.there should be a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight at the chosen location.a well-drained site even after a heavy rain is ideal.poor drainage may be improved by regarding, digging ditches,installing a tile drain field, or adding organic matter.
     Nearby trees and shrubs may have exstensive root systems that may interfere with water and nutrient uptake of plants at your site. Locate the site to minimize or avoid this a last resort, consider removal of trees and shrubs that may interfere with production.
     Land with a slope of 1.5 percent or greater (18-inch elevation change in 100 feet) should be avoided or terraced to prevent runoff and soil erosion. Contour planting, which is setting the rows to follow the contour of the land, can also help with runoff problems.
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