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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Soal Siap Uas 1 Bahasa Inggris Smp/Mts Kelas 8

 tidak terasa ujian selesai semester satu akan segera tiba Soal Siap UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 8

Download Contoh Soal Siap UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester Satu (1/I) Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas Delapan (8/VIII) pdf

Final examination is coming. Be well prepared!

Pada ketika goresan pena tentang Download Contoh Soal Siap UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester Satu (1/I) Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas Delapan (8/VIII) pdf ini diunggah, tidak terasa ujian selesai semester satu akan segera datang. Tidak ada kata lain bagi para siswa atau penerima didik untuk mempersiapkan diri sebaik mungkin dengan cara berdoa dan belajar.

Belajar untuk menghadapi ujian selesai semester atau UAS 1 ini memang harus dipersiapkan secara serius lantaran bahan yang akan diujikan berasal dari semua bahan dari awal. Sudah saatnya para siswa untuk membuka dan menyegarkan kembali memori terhadap bahan pembelajaran yang telah kemudian dan secara proaktif mempelajari bahan yang gres saja diajarkan.

Belajar tentu saja harus memenuhi kriteria atau persyaratan sebagai berguru yang tidak hanya efisien, namun juga efektif. Belajar yang efisien artinya kita sanggup menguasai bahan tertentu dengan alokasi waktu yang sesingkat mungkin. Untuk membiasakan diri dengan cara berguru yang efisien ini, para penerima didik sudah semestinya menentukan waktu yang sempurna untuk belajar. Kami menyarankan para siswa untuk tidak mengalokasikan waktu untuk kegiatan di luar berguru yang kurang perlu, contohnya bermain game atau kegiatan lain yang masih ada kaitannya dengan permainan. Alokasikan waktu yang sempurna untuk belajar. Pagi hari merupakan ketika yang sempurna untuk memulai kegiatan belajar. Pagi merupakan waktu yang cocok dimana pikiran dan energi kita masih segar. Malam hari selepas jam tujuh juga merupkan waktu yang tepat. Hal ini disebabkan orang renta atau saudara kita mungkin saja mau membantu kesulitan berguru yang dialami penerima didik.

Belajar juga harus memenuhi kriteria sebagai berguru yang efektif. Belajar yang efektif ialah bahwa proses berguru kita menghasilkan sesuatu yang memuaskan bagi siswa. Semakin memuaskan, maka proses berguru tersebut sanggup dikatakan semakin efektif.

Dalam unggahan kali ini, kami berusaha membantu siswa untuk berguru mempersiapkan ujian selesai semester satu atau UAS 1 yang sebentar lagi akan datang. Kami menyediakan Contoh Soal Siap UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester Satu (1/I) Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas Delapan (8/VIII). Contoh soal yang kami hadirkan tentu saja teladan soal UAS yang pernah diujikan pada tahun kemudian atau tahun 2016. Dengan demikian, contoh Soal Siap UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 8 yang kami hadirkan bisa memenuhi kriteria validitas empirik. Hal tersebut berarti bahwa teladan soal yang kami hadirkan ini telah teruji dan terbukti sebagai soal yang valid lantaran sudah pernah diujikan.

Berikut ialah tautan Download Contoh Soal Siap UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester Satu (1/I) Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas Delapan (8/VIII) pdf

Berikut ialah kutipan dari Contoh Soal Siap UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester Satu (1/I) Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas Delapan (8/VIII) tersebut:

2. Febri Alif Febri Alif Febri : 'Tm almost worried about doing the writing task".
: "Why? Didn't you practice writing in the class?"
: "Yes, I did, even though some points are not clear to me".
: "Don't worry! You may learn writing in the guide books".
: "Do you have any?"
Alif : "Yes, I do. 'Let's Write English' is a good book for you".
Febri "
Febri : "No, I don't. I will bring it for you tomorrow. Read and learn it for three or four months".
: "Thanks a lot".
Alif : "Don't mention it".
The correct expression to complete the dialogue above is .....
A. Do you mind if I borrow it?  C. Can you lend me it?
B. Can I borrow it, please? D. May I borrow it?

3. Mr. Hendri : '.'What do you think about our new house, dear?"
Brama : " Dad. I don't have enough roomto put my stuff properly". The correct expression to complete the dialogue above is .....
A. It is the best place, I believe                           
B. It is beautiful, I think
C. I think it's too small
D. I think it is lovely

4. Vira: "Hi, Silvi. Are you free tomorrow?" Silvi : "Yes, I am. Is there any plan to 'do?"
Vira : "Yes. I'd like to ..... you. Come in my house. I_ need your help. Silvi : "I'll be there".
Vira: "Thanks. I hope you can help me fix my computer". Silvi: "lt'sokay, See you tomorrow".
Vira : "See you".
The correct expression to complete the dialogue above is ...
A. help C. make a help with
8. accompany D. make appointment with

For the question no. 5

Firnaz Diaz Firnaz Diaz Firnaz Diaz Firnaz • Diaz

: What a great Motorcycle you have, Diaz!
: Thanks Firnaz. I have just finished modifying it.
: Is it an old motorcycle?
' : Yes, it is. . ,
: It looks a lot of different. What did you do to it?
: Not much! I gave it a new paint with a brighter colour and added some new accessories.
: Great job!
: Thanks.

5. From the text we know that .'.
A. Firnaz doesn't have motorcycle. C. Diaz has just bought an old motorcycle .
. 8. Firnaz admires diaz' motorcycle. D. Firnaz asks diaz what motorcycle he has.
6. Laili :" I thinkVla is the nicest student in our class. What do you think?" Rohma :" She is always helpful".
A. I don't think so C. I dissagree
8. I don't agree D. I think so
The text is for number 7 and 8

You're invited
To Wilona's 14th birthday party Wednesday, August 17th2016 lstana Wedang Wangi
Kauman Street No. 5
10 a.m to 1 p.m

Dress Code: Red & White
RSVP : Talitha (085392919090)

7. How old is Wilona? She is .... \ years old.
A. forty
8. seventy
C. fourteen
D. seventeen

8. What does 'Dress Code' mean? It means ....
A. a secret code for agents
8. an obligatory way to dress
C. a special code for a secret agent
D. a code which is put on someone's dress

English Conversation Club (SCC)
is opening registration for new members join us and improve your English!
Every Thursday from 04.00 p.m to 05.15p.m at the school hall
For registration, please contact
Wayan (VIIIA) . Anissa (VIIIB)

9. When do the members have meeting ?
A. In the morning. • B. In the evening.

10. Where do they have the meeting ?
A. In the ECC's meeting room
B. In the VIIIA classroom. C. At the school hall.
D. At the cafetaria.

11 . How long does the meeting last ?
A. One and a half hours. B. Two and a half hours.
C. Two and a quarter hours.
D. One and a quarter hours.

'C. On Thursday morning. D. On Thursday afternoon.

Read the following text to answer questions number 12 - 16.

Papua is the largest province in Indonesia. It lies south of the equatorand it is known as a naturalist's paradise.
Papua: is predominantly mountainous. The Maoke mountains run from west to east and contain the province's highest peak, Puricak Jaya (5,030 m/16,503 ft), which is also the highest peak in Indonesia. The beauty of Puncak Jaya has amazed lots of climbers. Once in a while it shows them all of its beauty, only to be covered in the veil of mist a minute later. 1 .
Papua is also known for its amazing forest fauna. Animal life in the province includes many species of marsupials such as tree-kangaroos, wallabies, possums, and cuscuses. There are more than 200 species of frogs and as many as 100,000 species of insects, including many beetles and spiders. Papua is especially noted for its flying fauna. Birdwing butterflies are found in many areas, and more than 600 species of birds have been identified, including the brush turkey, the bowerbird, the cassowary, and the spectacular birds of paradlse.Indeed, Papua is.a province of outstanding, natural interest and beauty.

12. What is the highest peak of Papua?
A. The Macke Mountains
B. Puncak Jaya. C. Puncak
D. Papua

13. How many species of birds have been identified?
A. 200
B. 100,000
C. Less than 600
D. More than 600

14. How many kinds of rnarsuplals are mentioned in the text?
A. Two B. Four. C. Six
D. Eight

15. "Papua is predominantly mountainous". (paragraph 2) The antonym of the underlined word is .....

A. partially
, 8. primarily ,

16. From the text we know that .

C. mainly
D. largely
A. there are less than a hundred-species of frogs live in Papua.
8. Papua has the highest mountain in Indonesia. C. species of insects do not live in Papua.
D. Puncak Jaya has exceptional beauty.

Read the following text to answer number 17 - 19

The Celebration of The School.Anniversary .
The celebration of the school anniversary is always interesting. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Sekolah Menengah Pertama Dharma Pertiwi had such activities as the computer course for Elementary School students, contests and competitions, and the music show. We did the three activities on different days.
First of all, the school offered a computer course for the Elementary School students. The one-day course was free. More than thirty students joined the course. Students got the experience to operate the computer. It was a new experience for them, and they enjoyed it.
Then, the school held some contests and competitions. These were for the students of the school. They had such contests as writing short stories, poetry reading, drawing posters, English speech, and singing. Each class has to send two participants for each contest. All the contests were done in the same day, so that one student could not join the different contest. It made more students got involved in the contests and the competitions. The students were interested to join them.
Last of all, a music show was held. It was show of my school band. The artists were also the students. The students enjoyed the music show very much. They felt relaxed and got refreshed. After a moment, the show was paused. In this occasion, the headmaster gave his speech. He talked about the 40th school anniversary.

17. There were ..... contests for the students.
A. four
8. five

18. Who can join a one-day computer course?
A. Students of Elementary School
8. Sekolah Menengah Pertama Dharma Pertiwi students
C. Smart students
o: New. students

C. six
D. seven
19. "It made more students got involved in the ".( paragraph 3)
The synonym of the underlined word is
A. take a part
8. celebrated

C. interested
D.- enjoyed

Read the following text to answer questions number 20 - 23
Last year, I went to a dance party. In the middle of the party, I saw a guy that I had a crush on. To get his attention, I went to the stage and started to dance with my friends. It was my first dance and I was so busy dancing that I didn't pay attention to anything else. I didn't realize that I got too close to the rim of the stage. Suddenly, I tripped and fell of the stage. The music stopped for a while and everyone laughed, including the guy that I had a crush on. I felt so stupid.It was a dance party that I would never forget.

20. Why did she dance on stage?
A. To make jokes
B. To show off her talent
C. To make her embarrased
D. To get the boy's attention

21. Why didn't she realize that she got too close to the rim of the stage? Because ...
A. the boy was looking at her
B. the place was very dark
C. she was busy dancing
D. she was nervous

22. What happened after she fell down the stage?
A. everybody laughed at her
B. the boy made her relax
C. everybody pitied her
D. . the boy helped her

23. How did the writer feel?
A. Embarrased
B. Regretful
C. Happy
D. Proud'

Read the following text to answer questions number 24 - 27

Sipiso-piso Waterfall
Sipiso-piso Waterfall is located at Tongging village in Tanah Karo regency. If you are from Medan, first you have to take a bus to Kabanjahe, the capital city of Karo regency. Then, take another bus to Tongging village. The journey lasts for about two and a half hours. When you arrive, you will see a green village. You can also enjoy the view of Tanah Karo and Lake Toba, the biggest vulcanologic lake in the world. To get closer to this waterfall, you need to go down through hundreds of man-made steps.
Let me tell you more about Sipiso-piso Waterfall. The word 'sipiso-piso' in Karo language means knives. It is because the falling water looks like the blades of a knife. The height is 120 metres. That's why the sound of the falling water is very loud.
Sipiso-piso Waterfall has been visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Most of the foreign tourists
are from Malaysia, Singapore, France and the Netherlands. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit
Sipiso-piso Waterfall.! Enjoy the beauty of Ind nesia. J

24. How long is the journey from Medan to Tcngging?
A. Two hors C. Two and a half hours
B. Three hours D. Three and a half hours

25. Where is the waterfall located? It is located at .....
A. Medan C. Kabanjahe.
B. Lake Toba D. Tongging village

26. What is the waterfall like?
A. Green, famous, beautiful C. High, neglected, clear
B. Green, neglected, clear D. High, famous, beautiful.

27. " ... because the falling water looks like the blades of a knife." (paragraph 2) The underlined word means .....
A. the flat, sharp-edqed, cutting part of a tool or weapon
B. the blunt part of knives, opposite to the cutting part
C. the sharp tips of something used to poke . D. the handles of knives

Complete the following text to answer questions 28 to 30.

Woody Allen is a very famous film star in America. He acts perfectly in every film he plays. However, unlike other celebrities, Allen does not (28) ... publication. He did not even come to Oscar Night when he was nominated to receive the prize. He (29) ... a small, complicated, extremely shy man. He always keeps to himself. To avoid being recognized in the street, he either hides inside his big Parka hood or wears a variety
'of (30) .... He is fond of humanity but does not feel at ease with people.

28. A. like c. have
B. see D. understand
29. A.
B. 'is was c.
D. has does
30. A.
B. socks masks c.
D. shocks disguises

Complete the following text to answer questions 31 to 33.

Last weekend my family and I went to Parang Tritis.beach. We {31) ... there in the afternoon. First, we rode a horse cart. The cart went along• the beach. Then, my brother and I played the sand. We built hills arid dams using the sand. It was fun. However, we couldn't swim in the sea. The waves were big. That's why swimming
was very (32) ... there. there was a big sign saying 'NO SWIMMING'. So, we just stayed at the shore until (33) ...
Finally, mother called us to take a bath. We raced to the nearest public toilet. We took a bath there. there was
a lot of sand inside the pockets of our shorts.

31. A. . went
B. looked

32. A. dangerous '
8. safe

33 .. A. dusk
8. night

Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence.

C. arrived
D. visited
c. exciting
Q. nice

C. dawn
D morning

Fill in the blanks with the information from, the text below

The Celebration of The lndependenc.e Day
Last week our school had the celebration of the independence day. There were three activities for three days. Students participated to have such competitions as the tug and war, climbing palm tree, and cooking.
The first activity was the tug and war competition, Students worked in teams. One team consisted of seven members. One team strugled hard to pull the opponent. It was really a hard game.
On the second day, students joined the competition of climbing palm tree. There were twenty five poles to climb. It was the game for the boys only, they worked in a team. One team consisted of six boys. They helped each other to reach the top of the pole. Factually, it was not easy to climb the palm tree, because it was oily. The winners got valuable prizes when they reached the top of the poles. •
The last activity was the cooking contest. This was the competition for girls. Th§JY also worked in groups of four. One group had to prepare a special menu. They had limited budget and time. They had to stop
- cooking when the time was over.
The celebration of the Independence Day was very exciting. Next year we will have the similar celebration.
Students hope there are more competitions.
41. The competition for boys in the celebration was ....

42. They helped each other to reach the 1QQ of the pole (paragraph 3). The synonym of the underlined word in
the sentence is ....

43. It was not easy to climb the palm tree in the competition, because ....

44. "They had to stop cooking when time is over" (paragraph 4). The word 'they' in the sentence refers to .....

45. The text tells us about ....

II Essay

46. Write an announcement based on the situation below.
You are the head of OSIS. OSIS will hold a speech contest for the students of all levels. You need. to give announcement for all of the students.

47. Write a personal message to respond the message below.
Dear Amalia,
Will you go home this weekend? Mum and Dad will have• a special programme for celebrating my birthday. If you do not go home, of course I will feel disappointed. So, please go home and join our special celebration.
Your cousin,

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